Noah’s Islands

What: Browser Game, Semester Project (Card Game)

Where: University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany

When: Summer semester 2010


A mock up of the main game screen. The interface elements were created by Yanyan Xu, the human character was created by Julia Saslawskij.

In the summer semester of 2010, myself and two fellow Interactive Media Systems students joined the project of a group of Multi Media students. The original team consisted mainly of programmers and students with technical specialisations, while my team was to provide support in the art and design department.

I had expected to be working on the game design, but the original team had already settled on a concept and had already started implementing gameplay features, so writing a short documentation was more of a formality. Instead, I was given responsibility over the game’s art. Aside from creating the game’s backgrounds and animal characters, I also provided cues to three other students who created the interface elements, the human characters, and short animations for the animal portraits.

After the initial idea of using treasure maps as the collectible cards, it was also proposed that each of the four cards needed for a set could be one quarter of a larger map.

The goal of the game is to collect sets of four cards of the same animal, after which the animal becomes available for the player to be placed on the appropriately themed island. Cards are acquired by trading with oder players or purchasing them from the auction house. The game was also intended to be implemented as a facebook app.

It was interesting to focus entirely on the visuals and the setting of a game for a change. But more than that it was directing the efforts of the other artists involved that made this project a particularly interesting experience for me.


The first island, with a jungle theme.